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The outbreak of avian influenza in 2007 demonstrated the inter-dependencies of human, animal and environmental health and vulnerabilities of Bangladesh to the eyes of policy makers and related sectors. In order to combat HPAI in Bangladesh intersectoral collaboration was initiated and multisectoral task force was formed to take measures against the spread of avian influenza. While government initiative was underway to bring related sectors together to control avian influenza, informal discussion began at Chittagong Veterinary Animal Sciences University (CVASU) in 2007 to bring professionals including veterinarians, physicians and wildlife specialists to articulate one health approach for controlling emerging infectious diseases including HPAI H5N1, Nipah and other re-emerging diseases. Positive responses from professionals working in human, animal and environmental health sectors prompted to convene a meeting to promote one health concept among health professionals, scientists, policymakers and environmental activities. A leading role of CVASU, Institute of Epidemiology and Diseases Control Research (IEDCR), International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) attracted other major agencies associated with animal health, human health and environmental health to be involved with the promotion of one health concept at working level. Professionals, scientists and social workers from nearly twelve government and nongovernment organizations decided to get together in a conference in Chittagong in March 2008 and made a declaration and formed a professional body, One Health Bangladesh, to promote and coordinate one activities. One Health Alliance of South Asia (OHASA) and Bengal Declaration (2009) signing a Memorandum of Understanding between relevant agencies/ministries that will create a communication network to report emerging zoonotic disease surveillance results and coordinate response activities; Establishing an Interagency Task Force (ITF) that meets between the governments that will be responsible for the development of standardized reporting guidelines and protocols both within and between government agencies. Creating a network of diagnostic laboratories in India and to transform One Health agenda to a whole-of-a society movement

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